Toddler Counting

It is never too early to get your children started with math. Of course, parents should not teach toddlers about integrals and advanced calculus. But getting them familiar with numbers early one is a must. Toddler Counting is a nice little app that makes the process of getting toddlers familiar with numbers and basic counting skills easier.

Toddler Counting is interactive. It walks your child through the process of counting. It grays out objects as your child touches them. It also counts numbers out loud. Digits are displayed as well so your child learns what each digit looks like and which sound it is associated with.

Toddler Counting is not too complicated to get working and could make the learning process more convenient for your child. It is not designed to address advanced math topics. The target audience for this app is clearly very young children. The pictures are nice and the operations are smooth. A nice app to have for parents of very young kids.

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