Texas Holdem Poker Timer

Playing Poker and actually winning all the time is not that easy. It does require skills and persistent training to be successful in poker.  Winning as a poker player could be challenging. Running a poker tournament is not a piece of cake by any means either. You are going to have to create blind schedules and keep track of things going on in the game. Texas Holdem Poker Timer is a handy tool that does the job for you on the iPad.

Texas Holdem Poker Timer is very simple to use. Just provide it with the number of players and the starting chips for your tournament. This app uses that information to create blinds schedule for your tournament. When you are in the middle of your tournament, the app will alert you when blinds level change ahead of time. It also keeps track of scheduled breaks. 

Texas Holdem Poker Timer does not let your device go to sleep, which is important when your tournament is running. The app is highly customizable. You can turn some of its features off as you wish. Levels can be changed too. It will keep track of the total prize value. The payout calculator feature is pretty neat. You also get multiple sounds you can assign to each event.

Texas Holdem Poker Timer is one handy app for anyone interested in throwing poker tournaments. It has a ton of features and has a user-friendly interface. It makes managing your tournaments a piece of cake.

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