TumBoard for Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the best social communities and micro-blogging platforms around. Plenty of awesome people are involved on the site, posting new content all the time. You could always access Tumblr through Safari or other major web browsers. TumBoard for Tumblr is an iPad client that saves you time going through new content in this community.


TumBoard for Tumblr shows your dashboard, blogs, likes, and followers. You can also reblog and like posts using this client. Want to lookup blogs? No problem. The app lets you search posts by tags. The user interface is somewhat Pinterest-like, so you can keep up with the updates more conveniently. It does not have confusing features which is nice to see.


TumBoard has potential but is not perfect by any means. It did crash on us a few times. It did have a few minor bugs too. TumBoard is available for free but the full version costs $0.99.

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