Twittelator for iPad

Let’s face it. iPad is going to effectively kill the iPod Touch. The reason is simple. You may not be able to put the iPad in your pocket, but it is very portable and is more capable of handling things on the go than an iPod Touch. iPod’s screen is just too small to do things such as tweeting without too much hassle. Thanks to iPad’s larger screen, you are going to have an easier time getting things done and be more productive on the go. Before you can take advantage of social networking sites on your iPad, you are going to need a decent app to help make your life easier. Twittelator for iPad is one of those apps. It’s designed for Twitter junkies that want to stay connected with their friends and followers at all times without having to use a small screen to tweet their messages.

Twittelator for iPad comes with a very easy to use interface. It’s quite attractive as well. Of course, none of that would matter if the app does not deliver. But Twittelator has been popular among iPhone owners for quite a while, and it brings all those popular features to your iPad as well. You can use the app to manage your tweets, handle multiple Twitter accounts, and posts media files such as images and audio to your Twitter page easily.

The app’s interface is quite flexible as well. You can change your wallpaper easily to keep things fresh and different. Twittelator supports longer than 140 character messages as well, enabling you to break them up. You can use the app to reply to all your followers or email your tweets as well.

Overall, Twittelator is still one of the best Twitter apps around. If you have loved the iPhone version, there is a good chance you are going to like this one as well. I would have preferred if the developers took better advantage of iPad’s larger screen, but there is no reason that can’t happen in future updates.


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