US Puzzle Map for iPad

There are all kinds of puzzle apps available in iTunes. Some are quite complicated and can make you sweat a bit before you figure them out. In reality, you don’t need a super complex puzzle to kill some time and entertain yourself. Take U.S Puzzle Map for example. It’s a puzzle based on the map of the U.S. You would be surprised to see how many people can’t identify states based on their shape. Can you?

U.S Puzzle Map is not only an entertaining puzzle, it can be a good learning tool for your young ones. It includes maps of the U.S. Users can buy separate apps for Europe, Japan, and China. The app is developed to help users get a better handle for the U.S. states. Not only it will test you on the name of each state, it will also challenges you to put the states in their right position.

In the main game, all you have to do is drag states to their right position. In Trivia mode, you will have to guess which state you are looking at. That could be somewhat challenging if you have not mastered this already.

This puzzle game has multiple levels and can be quite a time killer. It’d be nice if this app was more social media friendly. I would love to see more challenging game modes added to it. The game would be much more complicated if users could tackle puzzles based on multiple countries. Still, this is a nice puzzle app and a decent learning tool for the young ones.

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