US ZIP code

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to quickly look up zip code for a certain location? Maybe you are doing some demographic research based on zip code. Having a tool that could help you find zip codes in a certain city or smaller area can be a life saver in those situations. US ZIP code has you covered.

US ZIP code is a simple yet powerful tool for anyone having to deal with zip codes. You can not only use it to lookup zip codes quickly, you can also find out about county, state, and other relevant information for your area of interest. The app shows you zip codes near your particular zip code.

US ZIP code is GPS aware and can show you nearby zip codes based on your current location. It allows you to go through all the zip codes in your city, which is pretty helpful. The best part? You won’t need an internet connection to use this. It is a pretty nifty tool if you have to deal with zip codes on a frequent basis.

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