Tunebox: Dropbox Music Player for iPad

We all listen to music, podcast program, or audio content on our iPhone or iPad. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store your music in the cloud and listen to it on your device? There are already premium cloud subscription solutions for music and podcast programs. Tunebox happens to be an awesome app that lets you listen to music in your Dropbox account. It lets you save your music to your device to listen at any time.


Tunebox has a user-friendly interface. It lets you listen to your cloud music, organize your songs by artist, album, and song, and stream songs at any time. You can forward and rewind tracks and listen in the background. Tunebox provides support for MP# and M4A files. The app is especially helpful if you have not taken time to organize your Dropbox music. When you start the app, it is going to go through your music folder and indexes songs for you. You have the option to save files to your device for offline play.

tune box

Tunebox is not the cheapest Dropbox app around, but it does help you listen to your cloud music. The app did crash on us a few times. Playback performance can also be improved. The app is available for under $5.

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