Lots of people use sophisticated time and task management tools to keep up with all the chores they need to tackle on a daily basis. Some of those tools can be overkill for a lot of us who have gotten used to using sticky notes to track our tasks. Thanks to BugMe! for iPad, you won’t have to deal with those super complex task managers.

BugMe! is a powerful stick note manager app for iPad that allows you to create and keep track of handwritten sticky notes on your iPad. You can use your virtual keyboard to add text to your stickies. Here is the fun part: unlike your paper sticky notes, your digital notes in this app can have alarms and a due time. You can save your notes to your home screen or send them to your friends with Twitter or e-mail.

BugMe! gives users different colored pens and papers to work with. Notes can be dragged and dropped, which makes organizing them a whole lot easier.

BugMe! provides users with an easy way to manage their tasks and get more done each day. Its alarm feature probably does need a bit of work. Nevertheless, it has an impressive interface and is quite fast. Who needs paper sticky notes when you can have your own wall of stickies on your iPad.

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