Wonders of the Universe

Our universe is full of wonderful objects and beautiful things. It will take us till the end of time to truly understand the greatness of the universe. But everyone has to start somewhere. Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe is a powerful application that takes you through a beautiful journey from the smallest particles to the beauties that lie in our galaxy.

The Wonders of the Universe covers small and large objects in the universe. It has 3D graphics to enrich your experience. The app has over 200 interactive items and a 2.5 hour video to teach you a thing or two about the universe. Over 50 3D models of planets, galaxies, and moons are included. The graphics look great on the iPad 2 but even better on the new iPad.

The Wonders of the Universe app is a powerful educational tool and has something for everyone. It is fully interactive with amazing graphics and information about our universe. This is a solid effort by HarperCollins Publishers.

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