TreadmillVR Max

Using a treadmill to workout at home can help you get your heart moving and burn some calories at the comfort of your home. But exercising at home could get quite boring. Running on your treadmill will probably never replace doing it in the outdoors. TreadmillVR Max offers you the next best thing. It can make you feel as if you are running outside your home in a beautiful environment.

As the developers put it, TreadmillVR Max brings the outside experience in your home. It provides you with a POV experience of running through parks or on beaches. Users can pick the scenes that they want to be in. The mental boost feature is pretty interesting as it can get you to keep going for longer.

TreadmillVR Max puts you in the right mode to get some serious workout in. You can always listen to music or take advantage of Mental Boost to push yourself a tad bit harder. TreadmillVR Max is surprisingly effective in helping you push through pain/exhaustion and get more out of each workout session. A must have for anyone hoping to lose weight with exercise.

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