Wordflex Touch Dictionary

We have all used a dictionary or two in the past. Paper dictionaries are on their way out though. These days, there are many more efficient ways to look up words and research them. Many of these tools can be found online. Wordflex Touch Dictionary is a dynamic and powerful application that saves you time researching words and finding a ton about them.

Wordflex is highly interactive. It is a fun application that helps you discover more about words that interest you. It gives you a tree-based view of words. You can interact with nodes with your fingers. The app includes a ton of content (close to 1 GB). It provides you with definitions, examples, and pronunciations for words. When your tree is getting too large, you can just zoom out or move branches around. The app lets you bookmark your favorite words too.

Wordflex is one of the best dictionary apps we have tested. In fact, it is the best visual dictionary available in the app store. The folks behind this app have gone out of their way to provide Wordflex users with a dynamic experience. If you are studying the English language, checking out this tool would be well worth your time.

Rating: 94/100

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