WordWit for iPad

We all deal with occasions in which people use almost identical words the wrong way. Some words truly do have evil twins. You may not really care if you mistake some of these words for their twins. But others will. WordWit for iPad is a useful application that sheds light on how to use a number of confusing words in the English language.

It is very true that those of us with strong language skills won’t make too many major mistakes when dealing with misused words. For those who do, WordWit has a lot of value. It provides you with a list of misused words and their evil twins. This application includes all kinds of useful information to show you how to use each word (with examples and clear definitions).

WordWit’s explanations are very easy to understand. Want to test your level of mastery of often-misused words? WordWit has you covered. It lets you track and share your results too. The user interface is certainly impressive. Users can also see which words are being looked up the most.

Overall, WordWit for iPad is a pretty useful tool for ESL and English students. It helps people avoid making painfully obvious mistakes by using words the wrong way. It looks good too. What’s not to like?

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