Calca: Symbolic Calculator for iPad

Your iPad is more than capable of serving as your calculator. In fact, we have covered plenty of awesome calculators for iPad in the past. Calca is another exciting calculator for your tablet. It solves equations, handles complex expressions, and provides you with answers as you type. Unlike regular calculators, Calca lets you declare variables, edit values, and keep track of your results as they change.


Calca gives you answers as you type. All your calculations are stored as plain text so you can easily access them with other editors. Calca can handle logic operations, derivative functions, binary math, trigonometry/complex numbers, and matrix operations. Calca supports iCloud, which means you can, view, and edit your files across your devices.

calca app

Calca may be an overkill if you just need to do simple calculations on your iPad. But for students, researchers, and people who deal with advanced math problems, Calca has a lot to offer. It sets you back under $3.

Rating: 91/100

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