World Clock

Those of you who travel around the globe all the time or have friends or family members in foreign countries have had to deal with different time zones in the past. These days you don’t need to remember how many hours is a place ahead or behind your location in time. Not when you can take advantage of apps such as World Clock to know the exact time in any location in the world using your iPad.

World Clock can display up to 24 locations on your iPad. It has a database of 192000 places from over 230 countries in the world. It turns your iPad into the ultimate time tracking machine. The app comes with multiple clock designs and day/night modes, making it easy for you to modify its look and feel.

World Clock is more than just a clock application. It can tell you true solar time, solar noon, sun rise/set times, even GMT offset for any location. The app supports day-light saving as well. The map feature is pretty handy too, making it easy to find out about time in cities from around the globe.

World Clock is a very powerful app for those of you who spend a lot of time on the road (international trips) or have someone you want to connect with in a foreign country. It is very well designed and has an easy-to-use interface. A must have tool for world travelers.

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