Index Card

Have you ever been in a situation where you have all these ideas coming to you but have no way to write them down? Maybe you are tired of carrying around paper notebooks or writing things on napkins. As long as you have Index Card on your iPad, you won’t have trouble writing down your ideas and important information as they come your way.

Index Card turns your iPad into a virtual index card holder. You can create new cards and store your ideas on them fast. Index card can be used  for managing projects as well. Index Card is flexible enough to support multiple projects at once.

I found the interface to be very straight forward. Adding new projects and cards is pretty easy. I like the fact that this app supports drag and drop for virtual index cards. You can always edit what you have already written. The export functionality is nice to have too.

If you are looking for a story board, a project organizer, or just an index card app for iPad, you can’t go wrong with Index Card. It is simple to use and very useful for dividing and conquering projects.

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