XSysInfo for iPad

Every week that goes by, we hear more about people who are ditching their laptops and focus more on using their tablets to get things done. Your iPad is not drastically different from your laptop on the inside. It still has a processor, RAM, memory, and other essential components. Just like your laptop, your iPad can slow down if you use too much resources on it. XSysInfo for iPad is a utility app that shows you the resources you are consuming on your tablet.

XSysInfo shows you information about your battery level, memory status, and CPU frequency. It shows you how much free space you have available and which processes are running in the background. If you are connected to a network, this app shows you information on that as well.

Unlike other system managers, XSysInfo for iPad can free up memory on your device. Just select the “clean memory” option to get started. Cleaning up your memory won’t do miracles if you have rogue apps on your device. But it could make your device a tad bit faster.

Overall, XSysInfo is a pretty decent tool to have on your iPad to keep track of its performance. It has a simple interface and does what it promises.

Rating: 88/100

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