The Bible may be a religious text, but it is quite fun to read, even if you are not a believer. Many scientists and ancient history experts go through bible to try and make sense of it. Some even try to make sense of current events from this book. Whatever your beliefs, it never hurts to have some of these books on your iPad. Going through religious texts on an iPad certainly beats dealing with the paper version of these. Bible for iPad lets you read the Bible on your device and do your research more effectively.

Bible for iPad gives you access to various English translations of the book. You can read your bible even when you are offline. Foreign languages are supported too. The app does keep track of your reading progress and syncs it with app has a pretty easy to use interface. Having the ability to search through verses makes life easier too.

Like a certain verse? You can share it on Twitter and Facebook with this app. You can bookmark them too. You can take your notes using this app.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of bible. That still does not mean it’s not worth a read (regardless of what you believe in). With Bible for iPad, you can go through the book much more conveniently.

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