ZabKab – Get a Taxi on iPad

Isn’t it funny how you can’t find a cab when you need one the most? Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait a long time just to get a ride. ZabKab can prove helpful in those situations though. It is an awesome app that helps you catch a taxi in no time. Just press the “Hail” button and cab drivers running the ZabKab driver will be able to see you.

ZabKab is pretty simple to use. Your success with it is going to depend on the number of drivers using the Driver app. They will be able to see you from a distance though. So whether it is raining or you are just waiting around an obscure corner, drivers will be able to find their way to you. The ZabKab Driver is free, so taxi drivers can rely on it to find passengers faster.

The idea behind ZabKab is pretty neat. Not having to wait a whole lot to get a tab is always ideal. In busy cities such as New York, this app can be a life saver.

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