Distant Suns

The iPad is a lot of things to a lot of people. Some prefer to use it to manage their daily lives. Other use it as their mobile entertainment center. And there are some iPad owners who use their device as an educational tool. The iPad can be quite a life-saver for the student of science. Take astronomy apps for example. We have seen too many of them on iPhone. But the experience one gets on an iPhone is pretty limited as the small screen does really take away from the fun. That’s where Distant Suns for iPad comes in to play. It’s a powerful astronomy application for iPad that enables you to explore the stars and pick up new knowledge in the process without needing a super expensive astronomy tool. Distant Suns is quite popular among iPhone owners, but it gets a whole new life on iPad.

Distant Suns comes with over 130,000 objects that you can explore on your iPad. It also covers 88 constellations with images and articles about their significance. The app is compass aware, so you can just point it to the sky to identify the objects that you are looking at. The app is GPS aware as well, so it should work fine with iPad 3G (though we have not tested it yet).

Distant Suns covers all 8 planets and Pluto. It also provides a ton of data about the objects you see in the sky. So learning never has to end. I also like the fact that you get to customize how objects are shown on your iPad (see below screen-shot).

All in all, Distant Suns gives a whole new meaning to exploring the skies on a handheld device. The iPad is no ordinary handheld device. Distant Suns is designed to take advantage of the positives of the iPad. It has a quite attractive design and has ton of information for students of astronomy. If you are into astronomy, Distant Suns is worth a serious look.

Update: it’s now a universal app.


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Win Distant Suns for iPad

The good folks behind Distant Suns 2 for iPad have been kind enough to provide us with 5 promo codes to give away on iAF. The rules are quite simple:

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    This application is super awesome and it is going to help me to explore the world. It comes with over 130,000 objects and covers 88 constellations with images and articles which will equip me with new knowledge that I always want.

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    I have always been enthused with Astronomy this would be a cool app on the ipad.

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  • Mike A.

    I have always been fascinated with the stars and have trouble finding the constellations. This would be so cool to have to be able to find them easier and to share them with my kids. I would love to lay outside on the grass with them and point them out! Definitely a must have app for star gazers and astronomy lovers!

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  • Dung Nguyen

    I love how diverse applications in the app store can be. Distant suns is a great example on how sweet the transition from the iPhone to the iPad. With the bigger screen, I would be able to discover the sky at the palm of my hands. Having this app on the big screen would bring the iPad out of the bedroom and kitchen, and into backyards and BBQs. Great way to show off to your friends. It is a bit expensive though – I would like to see the price cut in half and you would gain more customers.

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    I’d love to have this app because it has 4 stars rating

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    Followed and tweeted. I’d like to win this for my son who is currently enjoying his astronomy studies in 7th grade.

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