Altered States for iPad

Brainwave programs are quite popular among those who need assistance with meditation or getting some sleep. Binaural programs can change your state of consciousness and put you in the right mood. Altered States is an iPad application that brings 15 brainwave programs to your tablet. You can use it to improve your mood, meditate more effectively, and even get over your sleep issues.

Altered States has a fairly sophisticated interface. It has multiple ambient background sounds for you to choose from. You can adjust the brainwave settings in this app. You can also change the strength of ambient sound independently.The visual timer shows you how much longer you have to go before your program is over. The app includes Chakra meditation, lucid dreaming, quiet mind, inspired creativity, and a few other brainwave programs.

In order to get the most out of Altered States, you should invest in a decent pair of headphones. This app has plenty of brainwave programs and ambient sounds to keep you busy. It is highly customizable too. It may not work for everyone but the idea behind it is solid.

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