Trip Splitter

Traveling on your own can be fun but it is even better when you get to do it with people you know or those who you love. Some trips are more expensive than others. Many choose to travel in groups and split the costs among themselves. You do not have to be a math genius to figure out how much each person’s share will be. Trip Splitter is a simple tool that saves you time figuring that part out.

Trip Splitter can split the cost of your trips in 6 ways. You can easily record who is responsible for what. This is more than just a simple divide by x cost splitter. You can determine who has participated in what and how much they are responsible for. Splits can be spread evenly or unevenly (manually). Adding expense items to your list is pretty easy.

Trip Splitter groups your items by day and displays your data in an easy-to-track format. Users can change the currency used in the app. Once you have prepared your report, you can email it to those involved. It can track multiple trips which is nice.

Trip Splitter is not your average cost splitter. It can handle even and uneven splits. It is great at preparing expense reports for your trips. A nice app to have for group travels.

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