tChess Pro

Remember the good old days when people used to play chess on their computers. If you are addicted to chess, you want to have the ability to play it whether you are at home or traveling around the globe. That’s what t Chess Pro for iPad offers and more. It’s an attractive chess application that targets beginners and intermediate chess fans and lets them hone their skills and challenge themselves using their iPad.

t Chess Pro may not be the strongest engine around, but it is strong enough to hold off the majority of chess players. It’s strongest point is that it does not just target advanced players. So even if you are a total beginner, t Chess has something for you. It has a multi-player mode as well, giving you the chance to challenge your friends on the road. I personally love the “Learn Chess” e-book app as it is a very useful resource for beginners.

t Chess can come handy for those of you interested in mastering your favorite opening (mine is English) or viewing played games on your iPad, t Chess has a PGN viewer, making it easy to download new games and analyze them on your gadget. It also supports position setup, which is helpful if you have questions about a particular position (see the above screen-shots for other features included in this app).

I am not quite sure how strong this app is (ELO wise). I have never come close to beating Shredder or Genius Chess on my iPad. However, I have had a few draws with t Chess Pro (which is not particularly comforting). t Chess is not only fun, it’s a great learning tool. Works for all age groups.

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