Art of Chinese Characters 2

Learning new languages can be great for your mind. It can help keep your brain sharp. Not all language are easy to learn. The good news is there are plenty of apps and training material that help you learn a new language faster. Art of Chinese Characters 2 happens to be a beautiful application that helps you learn more about Chinese characters and the Chinese language. You not only learn about characters by using this app but also get meanings, pronunciation, and useful phrases.


Art of Chinese Characters 2 has over 150 basic words and 200 common phrases you need to be familiar with. You get plenty of practice by the time you are done with this app. It even has writing practices and pronunciation for each word you learn. Paintings of Chinese characters are included to help you better understand how the language works. The app looks quite a lot of fun and makes it much easier to get started with a new language like Chinese.

art of chinese

This app won’t make you a genius in Chinese, but it does make the language less boring with engaging content. You can try the app for free.

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