Dog Park Finder Plus

Taking care of a dog is not an easy task. Your dog will need a lot of attention, which is why not everyone is suited for this job. In order to keep your pet happy and healthy, you have to feed it right and take it for a walk in dog friendly places. Dog Park Finder Plus can help you with the second part. It covers thousands of places you can take your dog to bring some variety to his/her life.

Dog Park Finder Plus covers over 5300 parks, beaches, and hikes that are friendly towards dogs. It contains thousands of photos and reviews to help you find the best place for your pet.  You can easily go through off-leash dog parks available in your local area to plan your trip more effectively. Searching can be done by zip code, state, or city.

Dog Park Finder Plus not only tells you where you can take your dog for a quick trip, it also gives you information on park fees, park size, open hours, and much more. Directions to parks and maps are available as well. We have tested a few locations available in this app and the data seems to be extremely accurate. The app itself is simple to use and saves you time finding new places for your dog to explore.

If you are tired of taking the same walks with your dog over and over again and want to bring some variety to her/his life, Dog Park Finder Plus is a good tool to use.

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