Audubon Mammals

Studying animals and making a career out of it can be quite fascinating. It is all easy when you are watching animal shows on TV. But in reality, it takes years and a lot of effort to become a true animal expert. Everyone has to start somewhere though. Audubon Mammals is a field guide for mammals in North America. It is developed for those of you who plan to study various species of mammals in America or Canada.

Audubon Mammals includes information on over 240 species. It contains a ton of decent photos bundled with useful information on various mammals. Want to visit areas that your mammals of choice live in? The range map shows you just that. The search features in this application are very powerful. You can search through the content in it based on various factors, including name, family, and shape.

Audubon Mammals can serve as your notebook during your field experiences. Use it to take notes and manage your photo albums. The online community behind this tool helps too ( This is not the cheapest iPad app around by any means. But if you are planning to track certain mammals in the North America region, you may find Audubon Mammals useful.

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