Sculpt My Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant can be quite an enlightening experience for expecting moms. But it is not without its challenges. It could be quite painful and uncomfortable for first time moms. Besides, if you have not worked out certain areas of your body in the past, you could end up with an even more uncomfortable pregnancy experience. Sculpt My Pregnancy is a training application that teaches you how to use stretches and exercises to strengthen your body and increase its flexibility.

Sculpt My Pregnancy has exercises that can lift your mood, increase your flexibility, strengthen your back, and even help reduce constipation in your body. You get 3 stretches and 15 exercises (just about) each month. The developers have added various types of exercises to this app to keep things fresh for expecting moms. The program works based on your delivery date. You won’t be doing any workouts that may be harmful to you or the baby you are carrying.

Sculpt My Pregnancy lets users track their exercise activities and add notes on which moves they have dis/liked. The instructions provided are clear enough for anyone to follow easily. The video demonstrations are the icing on the cake. The pregnancy period is a special time for moms. Exercising a bit to avoid painful episodes and get in shape after the birth of the baby is not a bad idea. Sculpt My Pregnancy can provide moms with that extra spark to enjoy their pregnancy period even more.

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