Better Sleep

Research has shown that lack of sleep can lead to health issues and all kinds of diseases. Scientists have attributed cancer and brain diseases to lack of sleep at times. While we can’t know for sure at this point, there is no question not getting enough sleep can affect your performance (at work and everywhere else). Better Sleep is a simple application that takes advantage of sound therapy to help relax you and put you in the right mood for a deep sleep.

Better Sleep has a set of high quality sounds (natural and white noise) that users can consume to reduce their stress, relax, and get in the right frame of mindset:

  • womb sound
  • thunder storm
  • steady rain
  • river
  • ocean
  • white noise

What’s impressive about these sounds is their quality. It is apparent that the developers of this app have put a lot of effort into offering the best sounds possible for iPad (using your headphones or a speaker). I would love to see more sounds added though. Having a way to rate these sounds and maybe recommend them to others from within the app would be nice too.

If you have trouble sleeping and want to try something other than pills to help you get some rest at night, Better Sleep is well worth a look.

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