Apple iPad is more than just an entertainment tablet. Its large screen makes it the perfect choice for watching videos (training and educational). Apps such as FitnessClass are designed to help you train and become fit using your tablet. FitnessClass contains a large selection of fitness videos and courses that you can choose from to keep your body on its toes at all times.

FitnessClass brings gym training sessions to your home. You can pick and choose courses based on calorie counts for each class or the type of exercise that you want to tackle. Some of these training videos can last more than an hour. Search by time, goal, and equipment is supported too.

Here are some of the ways you can pick and choose your workout exercises:

  • By Goal:
    • Arms, Cardio, Strength, Abs training, Yoga, …
  • By Equipment:
    • Kettlebells, Med Ball, Dumbbells, Swiss Ball, …
  • By Instructor
  • By Company

I like the fact that users can review classes before purchasing training courses. The app does have multiple payment plans to allow you to save some money on fitness bundles.

All in all, FitnessClass is a great way to take your fitness program to the next level. If you don’t have time to regularly visit your local gym and want to get some training tips from the experts, FitnessClass has you covered.

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