Ruminate for iPad

Starting a new book or research project can look daunting from the start. Tackling these types of projects can take a lot of time and effort. Brainstorming applications can help you divide and conquer your projects more effectively. Ruminate for iPad takes the concept a step further. Not only it is a great tool for mapping your ideas, it also helps you keep track of the sources of information for your projects.

Ruminate for iPad is the perfect tool for creating outlines for your next book or research paper. You can easily link your thoughts in form of bubbles and add your sources to each bubble as well. You can easily re-arrange your map to perfect your work.

Ruminate for iPad makes preparing outlines and structures for writing projects a whole lot easier. Instead of dealing with mind-mapping or to-do list apps, you can take advantage of this product to perfect the skeleton of your project. Once you are done with your outline, export it as an image or in text format.

The import functionality does need a bit of work. Being able to export ideas to other popular applications (e.g. MS Project or tools of that nature) and in form of a website would be nice too. Still, Ruminate for iPad is quite unique and can be a writer’s best friend.

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