5 iPad Apps for Treadmill Running

I don’t know about you but I enjoy running outside a lot more than using my treadmill. But one does not always have the opportunity to run outside. A treadmill could still give you a killer workout though. These 5 treadmill apps for iPad help you get more out of your workouts:


Paofit: brings real-world videos to your iPad, so you can experience “mixed reality” and enhance your experience. It has adaptive video that matches your running speed.


Running for Weight Loss: everyone knows that one can lose weight with a decent training program. Running for Weight Loss is an interval training program that helps you become fit.


BitGym: it makes using your cardio machine more fun. The app brings interactive terrains from around the world that work on any bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine. You can view the videos on your TV.  BitGym tracks your speed using the front-facing camera of your device.

interval running

Treadmill Interval Running: does not work with every treadmill, but when it works, it lets you control your treadmill with audio “chirp” commands. You can design your own workouts, adjust time, and a whole lot more.


10K Runner: a powerful application that helps you prepare for your 10k run in 14 weeks. It gets you in shape with a walk/run/walk routine. You get audio coaching and can listen to your music while running. The app is compatible with running GPS apps.

Have you found better iPad apps for treadmill running? Please share them here.

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