Virtuoso Piano HD

So you want to play real music instruments on your iPad? Music instruments for iPhone can be powerful, but you are dealing with a limited amount of real estate on your iPhone. With iPad, it’s much easier to play with those music apps. Virtuoso Piano HD for iPad is a powerful Piano application for music lovers that lets them play their favorite instrument at home and on the road right on their tablet.

Virtuoso Piano is designed for those of you who need more than the basic features you get from other Piano apps for iPhone. This is a versatile application that lets you play with tunings of your virtual instrument to make it match your needs. It comes with master tuning that goes from 415 Hz to 466.2 Hz. It also has adjustable reverb just in case.

What I like about this app is that it has a responsive keyboard that can be adjusted in size. So it’s much easier to work with than some of the other Piano apps on the market. It also have a built-in metronome and offers automatic tempo conversion as well. You can record, save, and playback your work as well.

The app is pretty affordable and offers a lot of nice features. It does need some work in terms of making it easier for users to scroll through keys. It’s still a great Piano app for musicians as long as you know what you are doing.

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