LAN Scan HD for iPad – Network Device Scanner

Have you ever had to deal with a slow wireless network? You can’t do a whole lot if you don’t have access to various elements of your network. But if you can play around with your router and other devices connected to your network, there is no reason you can’t optimize the performance of your system. LAN Scan HD for iPad can certainly help. It shows what’s connected to your network, so you can figure out what is causing issues for it.


LAN Scan HD shows what’s connected to your social network. It is highly customizable too. You can perform ARP table scanning, do reverse DNS lookup, and track Mac addresses, port addresses, and Bonjour services. You can establish a TCP connection with each IP address on your network. The user interface is professional and displays the information in a clean fashion. You can save your scans and email them to others.

lan scan

LAN Scan HD is fast and more than decent as a LAN scanner. It is a handy tool to have if you need to find out what’s connected to your network or could be causing issues.

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