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Amazon Kindle has been a decent e-readers and has gathered a tight following among e-book junkies. It does make life easy for those who want to read on the road. But who needs a Kindle when you have an iPad. After all, you don’t want to take too many gadgets with you to work or for your trips. Thanks to Kindle for iPad you can get around that issue. Since Amazon uses a proprietary format for its books, you are going to need a special piece of software to open your Amazon e-books. Kindle for iPad can do that and more. It’s designed for those of you who are still hooked on your Kindle and want to take advantage of all the titles that are available on

Kindle for iPad not only allows you to bring all your Kindle books to you iPad, it gives you access to 450,000 titles to choose from. You also get free e-book samples before you buy, so you won’t fall for those well publicized books that easily. What I like about Kindle for iPad is that it allows me to customize many aspects of my reader to make it fit my needs. You can change color, font color, and size of your font. You can also read in portrait and landscape (who needs a Kindle DX?).

Whispersync technology makes using this app a whole lot of fun. By using this technology, you can stay on the top of the books you are reading without having to reread parts that you have already gone through. Whispersync syncs the last page that you have read, your bookmarks, notes, and highlights as well.

So far, we haven’t talked about what’s been added to this special edition of Kindle software. The interface has been optimized to take advantage of what your iPad is capable of. The page turning animation is quite fun as well. The fact that you can read your books and sync them with all your other devices (e.g. Blackberry) is a big plus. A must have for any e-book lover.


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