7 Awesome Calculus Apps for iPad

Calculus is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of us have to take at least one Calculus course before graduating though. Even if math is not your favorite topic, there are tools available to you that can help you achieve better grades in your courses. Here are 7 iPad Calculus apps that could help you out on this topic:

khan academy

Calculus FTW: has detailed step-by-step instructions with example problems so you can learn more about Calculus. It covers limits, derivatives, integration, and other topics.


Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant: helps you work your way through your homework problems. It solves Calculus problems and provides you with step by step guidance.

video calc

Video Calculus: covers limits, derivatives, integrals, and other Calculus related topics. It has over 250 courses for you to take advantage of.


TI-Nspire: brings Texas Instruments’ handheld technology to your iPad. It can handle all kinds of problems and comes with activities for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, and other topics.


AP Exam Prep: provides you with questions and answers so you can better master physics, Calculus, history, and other topics.

math ref

Math Ref: a powerful application that brings a ton of math formulas for you to study. It is a great tool if you have problem remembering them for your tests.


Khan Academy: this free application provides you with video tips you can go over on your iPhone or iPad. Khan Academy has content on other sciences too.

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