Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry is a beautiful science but not everyone’s favorite topic. You may have to take it in college though. If you are struggling to master chemistry, you could always take advantage of tutors your school makes available. Chem Pro for iPad could help too. It brings quality chemistry courses to your table. This is a freemium application.

chem pro

Chem Pro for iPad serves as your chemistry tutor. You get a total of 80 videos that cover the course of general chemistry. The videos run over 31 hours in total. You also get flash cards, a periodic table, a molecular mass calculator, and a unit convener. An equation sheet is also included. Not all the lessons are free though (only the first 10).


Chem Pro for iPad is good looking and can teach you a thing or two about this exciting science. If you need help with this topic, apps such as this can more than help.

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