ChessBase Online

Everybody who has played chess in the past knows what a great game it is. It is the ultimate game to challenge your brain with and keep it sharper. It is a powerful exercise to get the young ones started with the problem solving concepts. If you plan to play chess seriously, you are going to need to keep up with the latest theoretical development in the chess world. ChessBase Online is the ultimate database for that very purpose.

ChessBase Online gives you access to millions of games. All these games can take your research to a whole new level. The database is updated on a weekly basis, so you never fall behind. You can start your research by searching through positions. You can filter games based on player name. The app does provide you with statistics for each opening to show you whether it is worth bothering with.

ChessBase Online is not perfect but a decent tool for researching openings and chess in general on your tablet. The app works in portrait and landscape mode. ChessBase Online did crash on us a bunch of times. So it is a work in progress in that regard. Still, it has a lot of potential considering the company that is behind it.

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