iMathematics for iPad

Math may not be everyone’s favorite topic, but we all have to take it in school at some point. Whether you are taking algebra, geometry, probability, or other advanced topics, it is always nice to have a tool that can show you useful formulas and help you become better at math. iMathematics is such an app. It has a ton of formulas, tools, and quizzes to help you take your math knowledge to the next level.


The app has a user-friendly interface and offers over 1000 formulas, definitions, and theorems to get you started. It also has useful tools, like fraction approximator, quadratic equations solver, and math glossary to make your life easier. You get examples and can even print the topics you want to study further. You also have the option to save your favorite topics.


iMathematics lets you search for the topics that you are interested in learning about, look up Wikipedia links, and more. It also supports VGA-out for the iPhone and iPad. You can try the app for free.

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