Not everyone is creative enough to come up with killer recipes on a daily or weekly basis. Some of us may not even have the time to do that. Thanks to apps such as iCookbook, you can still enjoy new recipes and food on a consistent basis. iCookbook comes with instructions, ingredient lists, and photos one would need to cook new meal more effectively.

iCookbook comes with over 2000 recipes to get you started. The app’s layout is quite impressive. Each recipe has enough information to help users keep up and cook their meal the right way. Each recipe has instructions, photos, and a list of items you need to have to get started with your cooking process. The app has conversion and substitution tools to make the cooking process easier for users.

iCookbook can keep track of your favorite recipes. The app can handle voice commands which is very helpful. AirPrint is supported too. iCookbook does have timers, so you won’t need a separate app for those.

Overall, iCookbook is a decent application for those of you itching to try new recipes at home and bring some variety to your food life. In-app enhancements are nice to have as well. Overall, this is one decent app for food lovers.

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