Desti: Trip Planner California

Traveling around the globe can be a fun experience. Not all of us have flexible schedules to do so all year long. Besides, many folks haven’t even visited all the cool places in their own country, so international trips could wait for them. California is one of the most beautiful states in our nation. It has plenty of places for you to explore as long as you approach it with a plan. Desti for iPad is an app that helps you plan memorable trips to California.


Desti helps you plan your trip ahead of time conveniently. You can ask it about hotels, parks, wineries, and restaurants, and Desti takes care of the rest for you. It gives you access to thousands of local activities and covers many attractions too. You can build custom trip plans to get the most out of each and every trip to the area. Want to book hotels or rentals? No problem. With this app, you can build itineraries and get trip recommendations.


Desti: Trip Planner covers California but is available for many other cities as well (you need to pick up separate apps for those). Overall, this is a pretty useful tool for anyone not fully familiar with what California has to offer.

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