Drone Ace for iPad

AR.Drone is a super awesome toy to pick up for your iOS device. Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter is remote controlled gadget you can control using your iPhone or iPad. You can capture videos, images, and track objects on your device. Drone Ace for iPad is a powerful application that gives you more control over your RC toy. It makes flying your drone a whole lot of fun while you capture audio and video in the air.

Drone Ace offers 26 combinations of controls for AR.Drone. It records video in H.264 format. Audio and data overlay features are optional. The app can record video horizontally and vertically (or from both cameras). Users can control their devices using their iPad’s accelerometer and other methods. So no matter how picky you are, you should be able to use this app to control your drone comfortably.

Drone Ace makes playing with AR.Drone a whole lot of fun. This is not a cheap toy by any means. With this app, you can better control the toy and capture content easier. One of the better AR.Drone controllers we have tested.

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