FlightTracker Pro

Do you spend a lot of time at airports, traveling all around the globe on a consistent basis? Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, it’s always nice to have a tool that can help you keep track of your flights and find you an alternate flight if your flight has been cancelled. FlightTracker Pro is a premium iPad application that can track all your flights, help you find out about flight delays, and let you save close to 1 year of your itineraries for future references.

FlightTracker Pro works beautifully with TripIt service. All you have to do is send an email to plans@tripit.com and your flight information will find its way to your iPad. FlightTracker has zoomable flight tracking maps with weather information to keep you updated on flights. The app supports push alerts as well. So you’ll get notified even when your app is not running.

I liked the fact that the app covers more than 5000 airports around the globe. The offline mode support is a plus as well. It’s also nice that you can send your flight information to your friends and colleagues quickly. The option to note down seat numbers and confirmation numbers is a life saver, so is this app’s ability to find alternate flights when a booked flight is cancelled.

In summary, if you are looking for a premium travel application to keep track of itineraries and get to your destination at the right time, FlightTracker can come in handy.

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