5 Quality Feedly iPad Apps

Feedly has quickly become one of the best replacements for Google Reader. It is not perfect but it was always going to be hard to completely replace Google Reader. The good news is there are plenty of awesome Feedly apps available for iPad. That means you can enjoy your favorite content and keep your Feedly account synchronized. Here are 5 Feedly iPad apps you should not miss:


Mr. Reader: one of the best RSS reader apps we have tested. It supports various third party RSS feed services such as Feedly, Feedbin, and BazQux Reader.


Feedly: the official iPad app for Feedly. It is elegant and lets you access your Feedly feeds on your device with ease. This is a universal application.


Newsify: lets you read and share your favorite websites and blogs. It has a newspaper like layout. The theme offers support for multiple accounts and offline reading.


Byline: lets you read your favorite blogs whether you are online and offline. It offers two-way syncing with your Feedly subscriptions, categories, and starred items. You can view up to 2000 items when offline.


Reeder: Reeder used to be one of the best Google Reader clients for iOS. The developer has had to make many changes to make Reeder compatible with Feedbin, Feedly, and other third-party RSS services. The design is quite elegant. Reeder supports Readability, Feed Wrangler, Feedly, and Feedbin synching.

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