Five O Game

Meet Five-O. A fun numbers game that you can play on your iPad without having to be a math genius. If you have played word games on your iPad in the past, you are going to find this game’s interface very familiar. Instead of words, you will be dealing with numbers though. Your goal is to make sure each sequence of tiles adds up to 5 or a multiple of five.

Five O is pretty simple on paper but can be challenging. It does have easy controls. I love the fact that you can play this game with up to 3 other players. The AI is pretty decent too. Here are the rules for this game:

  • Each player draws 5 tiles.
  • Your first sequence should start from the center.
  • All sequences should be multiples of 5 (you can’t have more than 5 tiles in your sequence)
  • Bonus scores are added to the sum of the numbers in your sequence.
  • You can win this game by playing all the tiles.

Five O has a very good looking interface. It’s easy on the eye and responsive. The game does save your position and let you return to it at a later time. The good part is you don’t have to be a math genius or a rocket scientist to have fun with this app. Another cool puzzle game for iPad.

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