5 Cool Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Some people love making fun of teleprompters and those who use them. But these tools can be quite helpful in improving your public speaking skills. They are handy for giving great speeches too. Teleprompters could be a bit costly. Thanks to these iPad apps, you can use your iPad as your teleprompter:

Prompster Pro: not a cheap app by any means. At the same time, it offers a ton of features for practice sessions and live presentations. You can control various aspects of your presentations with this app.

Teleprompt+: this is pretty easy to use. You can enter your speaking scripts fast. You can also track your progress, pause your presentation, and customize the apps behavior and appearance conveniently.

VRT2: you can record your speeches with this tool. It is a great tool to use to create professional recordings on your iPad. It has a built-in teleprompter feature.

Promtr: a teleprompter iPad app with multi-touch gestures allowing you to control its settings. The UI is beautiful. You get plenty of settings to optimize the behavior of this app. It has some bugs but also some potential.

PromptWare Plus: turns your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone into a professional teleprompter. It works in portrait and landscape modes with mirrored display. You get continuous loop too.

Do you have any app suggestions? Please share your favorite ones below.

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