Footpath Route Planner for iPad

Planning to spend lots of time outdoors this year? You need to plan your trips to make sure you don’t get yourself out of trouble. Having a decent outdoor GPS app can also help. The Footpath Route Planner is a handy tool that allows you to map out your routes even when you don’t have a GPS device with you. You can draw, save, and export your routes to your computer and other apps such as Google Earth.

outdoor planner

Footpath is simple to use. Just draw your route and press/hold to automatically calculate routes between points. The app lets you see elevation profiles for your routes to gauge their difficulty. The Elite version, which is available via a single in-app purchase, allows you to save unlimited routes, edit them, and export routes to your computer and Google Earth.


Footpath Route Planner is user-friendly and quite helpful for runners, hikers, and anyone who spends lots of time outdoors. You can get the app for under $1.

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