Math-Ink for iPad

Your iPad is more than capable of helping you become better in math. There are plenty of awesome calculators, solvers, and math tricks apps available for iOS. The Math-Ink for iPad is quite special though. It combines Wolfram Alpha’s engine with a quality handwriting recognition system, so you can draw your expressions instead of typing them. Math Ink does the rest for you.

math ink

Math-Ink has the tools you need to start entering your math equations. Just draw the expressions you have in mind, and the app does the heavy lifting for you. You get pen, hand, and eraser tools to get started. Math Ink can solve arithmetic to Calculus problems. As you can see in the above picture, the user interface is very simple to get started with. Just bring your own math problems and let this app do its magic.


Unlike average problem solvers, Math Ink gives you more flexibility when entering your math expressions. It can handle basic and complex math problems well. It is available for $4.99 at this time.

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