Save n’ Spend

Many folks assume that the more money they make, the better their life will be. There is no question that bigger paychecks could help a lot. But you could always make the money you are making currently go further by saving and spending at the right time. Save n’ Spend is a cool iPad application that allows you to keep track of your savings and monthly spending.

Save n’ Spend has a simple user experience. It provides you with breakdown graphs so you can see where your money is going. The projection graphs show you where you are going to end up if you keep spending the way you do. Save n’ Spend has 70 category icons for you to choose from. It lets you choose the day of the month or the specific week for your savings period.

Save n’ Spend has a super elegant design. The developers have gone out of their way to put together a user friendly interface. A nice tool to use to get a better handle on your financial life.

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