GlobeConvert Pro

If you have lived outside the U.S. for quite a while, you are probably familiar with the challenge of converting our units to SI units. It would be nice if every country used the same units, but unfortunately that is not the case. One can always memorize all the relationships between these units, but that could be a hassle if you travel all around the world. GlobeConvert Pro is a handy tool that takes care of the conversions for you, giving you the chance to focus on more important tasks in your day.

GlobeConvert Pro is a super converter right on your iPad. It contains over 190 currencies and gives you the latest going rates. It also covers over 80 units that you can convert to/from. Here are a few unit types that are covered in this app:

  • Pressure
  • Weight
  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Time
  • Power
  • more (see the above screen-shot)

Unlike many other converter apps for iPad, this one does have a very intuitive interface. The design looks decent as well. The app is fast and makes it much easier to get the information you are looking for in a flash. There are a few small bugs that can be fixed. But the app does what it promises. If you are in need of a simple tool to convert units fast, GlobeConvert Pro is a solid option to go with.

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