3 Food Allergy Apps for iOS

In a perfect world, nobody would have to deal with any food allergy. But that is not reality. Just because you are allergic to certain ingredients, it does not mean you can’t eat delicious foods. You just have to make sure you avoid ingredients that cause your body trouble. These 3 food allergy apps can help with that:


Substitutions: designed for folks who want to substitute for certain food ingredients or are allergic to certain ones. The app is universal.


mySymptoms: a food and symptom tracker that helps you figure out possible triggers for your symptoms. It lets you record foods, drinks, stress, exercises, and more.


Fooducate: a barcode scanner that lets you know what’s in your food. It lets you track your food intake and exercise, choose healthier alternatives, and find about a product’s pros and cons.

What are your favorite food allergy apps?

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