Soundscape 2 for iPad & iPhone

There are plenty of awesome data visualizations and particle apps available for you to play around with on your iPad. Soundscape 2 happens to be a beautiful application that brings music visualization to your tablet. It turns your music into trippy colors and patterns. You could find yourself spending a lot of time playing music and seeing all kinds of cool effects at home or on the go.


Soundscape 2 can be very relaxing. You can’t really explain what the app does unless you actually test it. The mix of colors and patterns are mesmerizing. Keep in mind that some modes can be quite trippy. Make sure you don’t use them if you are suffering from PSE. The patterns and visuals you get changes as your music changes. This is a universal app so it will work fine on your iPhone. It will work better on faster iOS devices.

soundscape app

Soundscape 2 is beautiful and easy to use. Just play your music and let the visuals take you to a deeper state of mind. We can’t wait to see how the developers improve this excellent app in the future.

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